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At MMSC we strongly believe that the  need of every customer is unique. A single solution cannot satisfy the performance & process parameters of all customers within the same competitive landscape. MMSC has decades of formulation experience to meet every customer’s customized requirement.

UV curable liquid is a great choice for any application that requires a durable finish as it can withstand extreme heat or moisture. It is also a great choice for applications where a quick curing time is needed, such as in the automotive, ceramics, metals, paper, packaging & electronics industries. 

UV & LED Coatings help resolve issues around dust accumulation, through-put, space-saving and labour cost.


We at MMSC are committed to manufacture, source & develop products & solutions for the personal care Industry, that have a positive Impact on the environment without compromising on the end-user experience.

MMSC currently and in the future will only offer natural, naturally derived, bio-based products to this market.

Cellulose Cosmetic Beads are small bio-degradable ingredients that are great for exfoliation and visual “pop” for your products. Beads will disintegrate when squashed if they have been in a water-based product. Utilize them in your soaps, body wash, face wash, hand sanitizers, body scrubs,  etc. for a pop of colour.

MMSC Cellulose Cosmetic Beads are Halal & Kosher compliant, non-GMOand and FDA approved.


With it’s Manufacturing Capabilities & State of the art R&D center, MMSC provides its infrastructure to other global chemical companies to showcase, try and introduce their product to the Indian market. MMSC only involves itself in promoting super specialty / specialty chemicals provides technical & trial support. MMSC is not in the business of pushing commodities. 

MMSC has carved a very good niche for specialty chemicals in personal care, cosmetics, construction chemicals, paints & coatings.

MMSC has its own warehousing facilities. We can handle smaller shipments from a few kgs to full container loads. Smaller repackaging can also be done for sampling.

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