Mhatre And Modi Specialty Chemicals

Hollow Glass Microspheres

Hollow Glass Microspheres

Low-Density Performance Additive

  • Resin Extension in polymers translates to cost savings
  • Increased solids, reduced VOC’s
  • Emulsion Explosives Sensitizer
  • Improved mold/flow in thermoset applications
  • Improved thermal cycling properties in coatings/composite from insulation factor
  • Higher solid loading without viscosity increases
  • Acrylic Patching/filling compounds
  • Markets/Applications include construction, automotive, composites, coatings, oil well cement
  • Fewer defects: excellent mold flow, uniform dispersion
  • Reduced compound density and viscosity
  • Increased acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Reduced cost and better handling in flexible compounds
  • More uniform, closed-cell structure in syntactic compounds
  • Cost reduction from sandpaper and labor savings for putties

Weight-Reducing, High-Strength Additive

  • Reduce weight in engineered plastics (grades available in 0.25 g/cc to 1.1 g/cc)
  • Increase durability (grades available up to 10,000 psi crush strength)
  • Increase abrasion and burnish resistance
  • Reduce VOC content without compromising viscosity and flow
  • Improve film integrity without changing the  finish
  • Provides insulation and floatation effect
  • Easy to disperse into formulations