Mhatre And Modi Specialty Chemicals

About Us

MMSC is committed to sustainable innovations to formulate chemical products through in-house Product development and Research to ensure world-class technologies reach the end customer.

MMSC is a quintessential chemical technology company with strong interests in polymers, materials and cosmetic ingredients. The company was primarily established to cater to the rapidly growing energy-cured material requirements of the automotive industry and the evolving needs of the personal care industry. Over time, the company diversified its interests into developing aesthetic and functional coatings, radiation-cured adhesives, digital printing inks, 3D printing resin systems, cosmetic additives, functional materials and composites.


MMSC is a second-generation company with almost 5 decades of experience supporting the business fundamentals. With this experience, stems a prominent ‘customer first’ approach which also forms an underlying philosophy of the company. This philosophy combined with our robust product development strategies, formulation protocols, marketing experience and manufacturing capabilities has taken the organization to its current position in the chemical technology-based market space.

Values and Principles

Integrity & Ethics

We believe in long lasting relationships with all our stakeholders. We firmly endure to develop trust before any commercial engagement. We ensure product, process & people effect philosophy.

Innovation & Excellence

A new idea, product or process is at the core of all our activities. We continuously strive to bring faster, cheaper, high-performance & sustainable products to the market.

Deliver on Commitments

All current manufacturing, procurement & delivery processes are benchmarked against global best practices. This helps MMSC sustain a robust value chain to enable seamless customer experiences. Strategic focus areas are identified with project plans jointly developed along with customer.

Leadership position

MMSC currently in all it’s current products & for future products pipeline selects areas where it can attain leadership position. MMSC does not Involve itself in commodities segments. This ensures high engagement within customer for focusing resources in developing cutting-edge technologies. 


At MMSC, we have a division that solely focuses on developing bio-renewable & bio-degradable; coatings, functional resins and personal care ingredients. We assist some of the largest companies in the world in meeting their sustainability goals.