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LED Coatings

LED Coatings

LED curing solutions are utilized because they offer highly reliable UV curing due to being a solid-state device. They provide deep through-cure and allow low surface temperatures that enable less expensive raw inputs. MMSC is the only global company to provide Led alternatives for traditional UV and other coatings.

Working across the above segments, MMSC is in a leadership position to provide Led Coating solutions to any application as desired by customers. MMSC can help customers associate with the correct equipment manufactures to create an end to end solution.

MMSC Led coatings have been proven to work on the following surfaces:

⇒ Paper:  LCW and CWA papers for flexible packaging.

⇒ Automotive Grade Polymers:   BMC, PC, ABS.

⇒ Wood: EN-71 Certified Led Coatings for Toys and Stationary Products.

Benefits of MMSC Led Coatings:

⇒ Less Energy Costs.

⇒High Speed of Manufacturing.

⇒ Non-Yellowing.

⇒ Removal of fire hazards for material sensitive to temperature.